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Online Shopping, Delivered.

Indulge on an online shopping spree in USA,UK,UAE and China knowing that a MYBOX account means your goods reach your door step.

We're Going Places!

Here at PostaPlus,we take small businesses seriously and we have developed a solution tailored to help your business succeed.

Logistics, Our Specialty

An ever-expanding warehouse,a state-of-the-art supply chain and the fastest delivery fleet insure that your logistics are in safe hands.

Yes, We Can Customize

Our business revolves around you and your unique business requirements which fittingly enables us to always customize our services to meet your requirements. Click here to know more about our success stories.

Think bigger!
    Knowing that Posta Plus services support your business by handling the smallest details
    • Same Day Delivery
    • Cash on Delivery
    • Appointment Delivery
    • Synchronization to your website(API)
    • Insurance of your shipments
    • Customized reports to track your shipments           
    • Value Added Options 
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